Dog Grooming Tyler TX

We are Tyler TX's Premier Dog Groomers. When it comes to Dog Grooming, look no further than the experts at Circle Star Pet Resort. We know dog grooming is important to your dog's appearance, but also your dog's overall health. There are several essential grooming tasks that our professional groomers will help you with. Your dog's grooming needs will depend on your dog characteristics such as hair length, dirtiness, and health conditions. It is essential that you know your dog's specific grooming needs to keep your dog healthy. At Circle Star Pet Resort, we'll provide the following grooming essentials.

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A dog's hair helps to keep warm in winter, but only if you give care to your dog. Regularly brushing your dog will help them maintain a clean, healthy coat. However, not all dog-brushing needs are alike. Brushing needs depend on the length of the dog's coat. Long-haired, medium-haired, and short-haired dogs all have different brushing needs.

  • Long-haired dogs usually require daily combing or brushing to prevent hair matting and tangling
  • Medium-haired dogs usually require weekly combing or brushing to prevent hair matting and tangling
  • Short-haired dogs can go a few weeks between brushing and combing, unless they get dirty or shed their hair frequently

Regardless of hair length, it's helpful to brush and comb your dog often during the summer months when dogs shed their hair so there isn't hair build-up.


Dogs with high maintenance fur, such as poodles, need haircuts every four to six weeks. Taking your dog to Circle Star for professional dog grooming is advised for most dog haircuts.

Nail Trimming

Nail trims are an essential part of a dog's grooming. Most dogs need nail trims every month. However, it's often difficult for owners to clip their dogs' nails from fear of hurting the dog. A veterinary technician or dog groomer can teach you how to clip your dog's nails. Alternatively, you can use a grooming rotary tool for your dog's nails.


Most dogs need bathing only when they are dirty or oily. Some people bathe their dogs to reduce doggy odor, but bathing your dog too often can wash away the natural oils in your dog's hair, causing skin dryness and irritation. You should bathe your dog at the minimum once every three months, or when your dog gets dirty. Long-haired dogs may need more frequent bathing to get rid of dirt and debris. Always use a gentle shampoo recommended by your veterinarian.